Making recommendation systems in apartment management platforms visible to domestic help

Facilitated by: Dr. Naveen L. Bagalkot & Venkat ChilikuriCollaborator: Mahima Chandak, MDes Year 1Time: January to February 2019Duration: 5 weeks DescriptionIn the second Semester I took the Probing Service, Systems and Infrastructure studio to critically explore apartment management platforms like MyGate, Apna Complex and Apartment Adda to look at the power structures and inequalities that […]

The Resistance Ep. 222 – Speculative Design Fiction

Facilitated by: Dr. Naveen L. BagalkotTime: July to August 2018Duration: 5 weeks DescriptionSpeculative Design Fiction was a 5 week studio where we explored how we can re-imagine a story (a myth, folk tale or any fiction) and use it as an inspiration to produce a techno-centric speculative design fiction. I worked with Mimi Mondal’s story […]